How do you avoid getting hungry between meals while on a healthy diet?

How do you avoid getting hungry between meals while on a healthy diet?

Is your stomach growling between meals? Undoubtedly, the easiest way to deal with the problem would be to eat a snack. However, the snack has to be sufficiently healthy and low in calories to avoid ruining your appetite before your next meal. In this article, the Healthy Weight Clinic offers you some tips to help stop the grumbling in your gut between meals.

Eat enough

Munching on an apple or drinking a quick cup of coffee isn’t nearly enough sustenance after fasting for 8 to 12 hours. In the morning, make sure to eat foods from at least three food groups (for example, a piece of whole wheat toast with peanut butter and a banana,). Not hungry when you wake up? Then get in the habit of eating breakfast at work.

Similarly, if you only eat a light salad for lunch,  your stomach will be rumbling loudly over the next few hours. Supplement your lunch with pumpkin seeds, cheese cubes or slices of chicken. Keep in mind that a healthy diet shouldn’t deprive you of the nutrients that your body needs. No time to eat lunch during a busy day? Eat or drink a meal replacement that you keep in your purse or a drawer at your desk.

Take your time

Experts estimate that it takes around 20 minutes for your body to feel full after a meal. So, if you devour everything on your plate in two bites, your brain doesn’t have enough time to realize that you’ve eaten enough. The result? You eat larger portions or have second helpings; in other words, you eat more than you need!

To stretch out the length of your meals, chew slowly (and many times) and put down your utensil after each bite. You may not notice it right away, but it’s an extremely effective method to avoid becoming famished shortly after eating.

Drink lots of water

Sometimes when you’re famished between meals, you can calm your stomach by simply drinking water. Yes, that’s right—hunger and thirst are sensations that can easily be confused! Always keep a bottle of water handy.

Eat more fibre

An excellent hunger suppressant, fibre is an essential part of any healthy diet. Add fibre to your daily menu to avoid the desire to eat between meals.

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