How to maintain your target weight post diet

How to maintain your target weight post diet

At the Healthy Weight Clinic, our health professionals have helped hundreds of men and women across the province lose weight quickly, thanks to customized diet plans featuring high-quality and healthy meals rich in protein and other nutrients. In this blog post, we explain how to avoid putting the weight back on post diet.

Tip #1: forget about low-calorie menus

Are you proud of your weight loss journey and hope to maintain your ideal weight? We get it! After all, you worked hard to reach your goal. Now, the last thing you want to do is restrict yourself to a low-calorie diet of veggies and water. Why? Well, your body will go into famine mode and store every last calorie consumed, eventually leading to weight gain.

Tip #2: eat at regular intervals without skipping meals

To avoid regaining weight post diet, make sure to eat at fixed hours of the day and at regular intervals. In fact, if you deprive yourself of food for an extended period of time, your metabolism will adjust by slowing down to preserve the energy consumed. That being said, respect your appetite and don’t force yourself to eat if you’re not feeling hungry.

Tip #3: avoid yo-yo dieting

Do you love junk food but refuse to put the weight back on? In this case, you might be tempted to yo-yo diet—for example, fasting on Friday to eat whatever your heart desires on Saturday. In reality, unbalanced diets are extremely harmful as they create the perfect condition in which to quickly gain weight. Nevertheless, “cheating” on your diet once in awhile won’t undo all your hard work—it’s about moderation.

Tip #4: make exercise part of your lifestyle  

Were you able to lose weight quickly by following a strict diet plan and working out excessively at the gym? Well, to maintain your new physique, it’s in your best interest to keep moving! How? By doing activities that you enjoy and remembering that physical activity is synonymous with a healthy weight.

For more valuable tips, stop by your Healthy Weight Clinic or get informed about our Maintenance Program today!

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