The benefits of physical activity

The benefits of physical activity

Physical activity helps us maintain a healthy weight, allows us to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease but also several other diseases. It helps us improve our mental health by reducing stress, anxiety and various emotional disorders so it brings a general well-being. Physical activity also helps us to be more productive by reducing fatigue, improving muscle strength and flexibility, and reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

You may say you are running out of time to do physical activity, so limit your periods of inactivity.

Begin today to be active every day using stairs instead of taking the elevator, getting off the bus a station before arriving at destination, organizing and planning stimulating and fun physical activities with your family, walking around your neighborhood, rollerblading or bicycling.

Be a winner! By moving you improve your fitness and your health. Healthy Weight Clinic’s team of professionals encourages you to take control.

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