The Healthy Weight Clinic is opening a new branch in Sherbrooke!

The Healthy Weight Clinic is opening a new branch in Sherbrooke!

Would you like to safely shed a few pounds? Do you live in Sherbrooke or the surrounding area? Good news! The Healthy Weight Clinic recently opened a new location at 21 Morris Street, Office 2, in Sherbrooke. Keep reading to learn how you can reach your ideal weight with the help of our diets and meal plans.

What are the different types of diets offered by the Healthy Weight Clinic in Sherbrooke?

Like all our local clinics, our Sherbrooke branch offers three effective diets for weight loss:

  1. The protein diet. This effective diet features protein-rich foods and can lead to rapid weight loss without the unpleasant feeling that you’re depriving yourself. We recommend this diet to clients who want to lose a lot of pounds because the spectacular results are very motivating for them.
  2. The low-calorie diet. Recommended for people who are less overweight, our low-calorie diet results in more gradual weight loss. This diet helps those who follow it to change their eating habits to make better choices!
  3. The balanced diet. This instructional program teaches you how to eat healthier on a daily basis. In your appointments, you’ll learn things like how to decipher nutritional labels and what cooking methods to use for your recipes.

What products are distributed by the Healthy Weight Clinic?

To help you attain your weight loss goals more easily, we offer a variety of quality food products. You can buy them in store or order them online. You’ll find foods that are healthy, nutritious and high in protein for breakfast, lunch and dinner, not to mention drinks and snacks!

Fill out our health questionnaire to receive personalized help!

Interested in our approach? Fill out our health questionnaire to start getting personalized recommendations right away. We’ll ask you to describe your current eating habits and any pertinent health issues (surgeries, allergies, etc.).

Ready to lose those extra pounds once and for all?

At the Healthy Weight Clinic, we help our clients lose weight in a healthy manner. For inspiration, check out our testimonials and see before and after pictures of our satisfied clients. To make an appointment at our Sherbrooke clinic, call us at 819-346-4555 or toll-free at 1-888-853-9898—or leave us your contact information so we can get in touch with you. Thank you for your trust in us!

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