Want to try protein supplements? Read this first!

Want to try protein supplements? Read this first!

Many people who want to lose weight turn to a protein diet, an approach we recommend ourselves at the Healthy Weight Clinic. As a result, it’s not uncommon for individuals to buy protein supplements with the goal of boosting the effects of their diet. Sold in the form of powders, these products are attractively marketed to appeal to consumers, promising them incredible muscle gain and fat loss. But do protein supplements  really do what they claim to do? Here’s a look at the facts.

Protein supplements: useful, but only under certain conditions

Right away, it’s important to understand that a healthy, balanced diet will usually contain a sufficient amount of protein. A person who eats nuts, eggs, fish, meat, dairy products or meals enriched with high-quality proteins—like those sold in our online store— doesn’t need supplements. On the other hand, protein powders can sometimes help you out when you don’t have time to eat well.

In addition, these supplements can enhance the performances of seasoned athletes that train multiple times a week at a high intensity. Athletes that work out that much require a higher protein intake to help promote muscle growth and repair.

Are you tempted to try protein powders? Check the calorie count on the label of the product you’re interested in—certain formulas contain up to 1000 calories a serving! Be very conscious of this:  having a protein shake before you go jogging will not bring you any benefits. In fact, your drink is only going to add extra calories for you to burn. In other words, if you’re not exercising enough, protein supplements can cause you to gain pounds instead of lose them.


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